Welcome, Ewelina!

In addition to her terrific research, Ewelina is interested in the local culture of South Bend, IN. Fortunately, there is much to offer in this little town. Here is Ewelina at her first American Football Game!

We are fortunate to welcome Ewelina Stefaniak to the Haas Lab from August 2017 through January 2018! Ewelina is a visiting scholar from the Institute for Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IBB-PAS), where she is a graduate student in the Bal Lab, and is working to earn her PhD. Her visit to Saint Mary’s College is supported through a Grant¬†from the Kosciuszko Foundation and additional funding from a Research Corporation for Science Advancement Cottrell Scholar Award.

While Ewelina is visiting, she will be working on a collaborative project between the Bal and Haas labs toward understanding how Cu interacts with proteins related to Alzheimer’s disease. We look forward to learning more about this important disease through Ewelina’s research! Welcome, Ewelina! we wish you a fun and productive visit to Saint Mary’s College!

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