The future looks Duke Blue for the Haas Lab!

After 9 years at Saint Mary's College, Dr. Haas is moving back "home" to North Carolina! Dr. Haas accepted a position at Duke University as Associate Professor of the Practice in the Department of Chemistry. The Haas Lab will continue its research in bio inorganic chemistry with Duke University undergraduate students, and anyone else who … Continue reading The future looks Duke Blue for the Haas Lab!

Congratulations, Ana!

Congratulations, graduates! And especially to our labmate, Ana Martinez! Ana graduated with honors and is planning to begin graduate school in Fall 2022 after a gap year and some much earned downtime. She has some ideas of where she will go to grad school (Dr. Haas is pushing for Duke!!! for purely selfish reasons), but … Continue reading Congratulations, Ana!

Summer Research

This summer has been exciting and productive! We are collaborating with our friends from the Math Department, Dr. Kristin Kuter and Maria Escobedo, who are helping us to build and fit mathematical models to explain our data. We took advantage of the University of Notre Dame's Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium to share our research.

Discovery of Cu(I) binding to HSA!

Congratulations to Madison on her first paper, and to the rest of our terrific research team!! Madison Sendzik lead our group's efforts in the discovery and characterization of human serum albumin's Cu(I) binding site! Her important discovery is published in the American Chemical Society Journal, Inorganic Chemistry (10.1021/acs.inorgchem. 7b02397). Madison also wrote a free educational article … Continue reading Discovery of Cu(I) binding to HSA!