Winter break at SSRL!


Dr. Jake Pushie shows Morgan and Kate how to close up shop after an all-nighter at beamline 7-3.

Our group made a second trip in 2017 to Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) to collect X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) data and characterize the structures of a few human proteins’ metal binding sites. Four undergraduate students (Morgan, Erica, and Kate), one graduate visiting scholar (Ewelina), Dr. Haas and baby Ariana made the trip to meet our collaborator, Jake, at Beamline 7-3. (Thanks to Dr. Haas’s husband for a week of Beamtime Babysitting!)

It was a fun and productive trip! As always, we took advantage of the location to explore local attractions and sample some of Palo Alto’s wonder restaurants.


Morgan closing the hutch safety door during a sample change.


Visting SSRL in December 2017. From left to right: Dr. Kathryn Haas and Ariana Parise (baby), Kate McMahon (SMC ’18), Erica Slogar (SMC ’19), Dr. Jake Pushie, Ewelina Stefaniak, Morgan Matthews (SMC ’18).

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