Discovery of Cu(I) binding to HSA!

HSA_CuZnCys_1Congratulations to Madison on her first paper, and to the rest of our terrific research team!! Madison Sendzik lead our group’s efforts in the discovery and characterization of human serum albumin’s Cu(I) binding site! Her important discovery is published in the American Chemical Society Journal, Inorganic Chemistry (10.1021/acs.inorgchem. 7b02397). Madison also wrote a free educational article on HSA and its metal-binding properties on LibreText (click here!), and she made a 3D print of HSA available on Shapeways (click here!).

IMG_0204 2
Madison first announced the newly-discovered Cu(I)-albumin binding site at the undergraduate poster session the National American Chemical Society Meeting in August 2017.

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